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Once Tryouts are complete, the coaches for each Academy will meet and discuss the players to determine the best place for them within our academy structure.  Offers will be sent first to those invited to train in our competitive academies.  For those that do not make a competitive academy, you may be offered a spot in our PDP (Player Development Program). Offers may come via email or phone call. In our Upper Academies offers will also be for a specific team, though per our Upper Academy structure there is some potential for player movement during the season or year.  NUSA focuses on long term player development and not short term team successes, hence our Academy training structure.  If your focus is strictly on which 'team' your child is initially offered then you may want to read some of the articles here.


We would like to clarify to all players and families that you should feel no undue pressure from a youth soccer organization to attend every single tryout date or commit to an organization before TSSA's commitment date.  Please know that after June 13th, 2021 all signed commitment letters are considered binding for the 2021-2022 soccer season.  (uncommitted players may register with a club at any point during the calendar year, provided there are positions available)  


**  Please be diligent and cautious, some clubs charge you a fee (or even expect you to pay for the entire year) when you sign a commitment letter. This club fee is separate from TSSA registration costs and can be non-refundable even if you choose to commit to another organization during the "open recruitment" period. ** 


The link below clarifies TSSA's rules on tryouts and Policy 26 and remember you should not feel pressure to commit to any club.   (TSSA Policy 26 as of 5.8.17):


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