NUSA PDP Newsletter Vol. 2

Welcome to the PDP newsletter!  This is a monthly newsletter reviewing last month's training sessions along with tips, tricks and much more!


We asked Josue some questions about the NUSA PDP program, and here's what he said!


Q1: Josue, congratulations on being selected as the PDP player of the month, how do you feel?

A1:  I feel  happy and grateful  that they guys picked me to be the pdp player of the month..

Q2:  What have you learned from your training with the PDP program?  What's your favorite thing to do?

A2:  I've leared alot of things like cruyff,pullback,scissors,step over,jugging better, and my favorite thing is the scrimmages and to be with the other players

Q3:  If there was anything you could suggest to other players in the PDP program, what would it be?

A3:  To keep trying if you don't get at first keep trying at your houseor just ask your parents if you could stay at the soccer field and practice.

Q4:  Is there anything you'd like to say about your experience with PDP?

A4: It is a great experience because  the coaches are very nice and the players help you alot.

Coach Jose talks about Josue's practice!

Josue getting the 5 point challenge!!!

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Meet the Player: Josue

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