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NUSA PDP Newsletter Vol. 1

Welcome to the PDP newsletter!  This is a monthly newsletter reviewing last month's training sessions along with tips, tricks and much more!

Coach Jose and Alex

We asked Alex some questions about the NUSA PDP program, and here's what he said!


Q1: Alex, congratulations on being featured in the PDP newsletter for NUSA!  How does it feel?

A1:  I feel good and honored. I worked really hard last year to improve my game and PDP helped me grow into the player I am today.

Q2:  What do you remember about your experience in the PDP program?  Did you have fun?  Was there a particular skill/exercise you really enjoyed doing?

A2:  I remember all of the help that coaches Jose and Gift gave me and the skills they helped me with like dribbling, one/two passing, and also my touch...  I had a lot of fun - I especially liked the end of practices when we scrimmaged or had 3v3 tournaments.  Sometimes when I was early to practice I got to go 1v1 with coach Jose- that was always fun.  My favorite skill /exercise was the el rondo.

Q3:  How different is an Academy practice vs a PDP practice?

A3:  In PDP we were focused on learning certain skills and improving those skills like dribbling shooting and passing and in academy practices it’s not so focused on certain skills but more focused on working as a team. Academy practice is harder (physically and mentally) because the plays I make there can positively or negatively impact me and my team- I’m not saying PDP was easy - it was definitely challenging- but at academy practice my choices not only effect me but also my teammates.

Q4:  What advice would you give a PDP player who is maybe looking into move forward and try to make on of our academy teams?

A4: Push yourself as hard as you possibly can, train everyday, even on “off” days,listen and really hear what the coaches have to say when they give advice or suggestions on how to improve your skill and mentality of the game.  When I’m playing in my games now I think it’s more of a mental game, I’m always thinking about my next move or play or outcome of a play and what I will do next. It’s still very  physical, but now I recognize the thinking side of the game now way more than I ever did before I was in PDP and I think that helps me to be a better player.

Meet the player

Get to know Alex, a former PDP player now with 06 Navy!


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Review some of the things we've been working on in training!


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Meet the Player: Alex

Training Session Videos!

meet the player



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